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3DPartz Design and Prototyping Center

3DPartz Is:
3D CAD Design Realistic Prototyping
    Custom Plastic Parts Concept to Manufacturing

Get Your Invention To Market!
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3D CAD Design - Prototypes - Drawings!  Everything you need to Get Going!

      Make your concept designs real! 

Bring your idea to life! Starting with simple concepts and sketches, we will work with you to develop full 3D CAD designs!  We can also render the 3D models into professional presentation graphics for flyers, posters, patent submittals, or email promotions; so you will be ready for your next step.

Concept and Product Development!

       Get your design idea developed, and ready for presentation!

Take that next important step!  Avoid the many potential pitfalls and roadblocks to developing your design.  Our knowledge and experience can help define your offering for promotion and market acceptance, as well as provide you practical advice about manufacturability.

FDM Prototyping

        Communicate your design with a physical 3D model!

Companies, engineers, designers, inventors, hobbyists, and product developers rely on 3DPartz to provide them with physical 3D models of durable ABS plastic!  A physical 3D model is the ultimate communication tool!

3DPartz can help your realize your goals!

  • Maximize your impact with potential customers or investors!  Let us help you explore your ideas to their fullest. We will emphasize the best features of your design, and make sure your prototypes, images and presentations communicate them!

  • In interactive meetings, we will explore your ideas; and we can show you examples of how we have helped others.  Of course, your ideas and designs are completely confidential.

  • Networking contacts and information are invaluable.  We can help you get involved with groups such as inventor associations, and other industry resources.

3DPartz will help you develop a strategy for success!